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Cashmere Care Guide


Whenever possible, choose to air out your cashmere over washing it. 

Hand wash delicately using a mild cashmere/wool detergent (baby shampoo also does the trick!). Press out excess water, do not wring, and lay flat out on a towel to dry. Tip: dissolve detergent/s in warm water before using to ensure soap flakes don't settle on its surface.

Never hang cashmere!

Avoid fabric softeners - they end up doing the opposite on cashmere.

Moths love cashmere. Always fold and store in a drawer with dried lavender to deter them. 

A gentle steam will revive cashmere that hasn't been worn in a while and remove any wrinkles.

It is normal for cashmere to pill, it's the nature of the fabric. Lightly run a razor over affected areas to remove pilling.